A standardized, open-source, easy-to-use, lightweight, powerful desktop operating system.

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We've designed InspireOS from the ground up to be the best operating system for newcomers to development.

How To Install

Note: The default session username is cs, and the password is cs.


Download and Burn the ISO

First, download our ISO image from Mega here. Then, use a third party tool like Rufus to burn the ISO image to a USB larger than 3 GB.


Booting and Installing

Plug the USB into your computer, and boot into it (you may need to configure the BIOS to allow this). When the menu appears, use the Arrow Keys and Enter to select the Installation option. (If InspireKit launches at this point, feel free to close it) Then, proceed through the steps of the System Installer to install the Operating System.


Rebooting and Post-Install

After the installer has completed, reboot and remove the USB before the computer starts up again.

Note that you may be asked to configure Bluetooth settings after login. To do this, launch blueman-services from the terminal, and configure the download folder from the GUI that appears.