An open-source Java-based Linux desktop application for installing common development toolsets.

See The Github



We've included all of the most common development toolsets, and more are always in the works.

How To Install

Note: the InspireKit has only been tested on Ubuntu 18.04+. It is unlikely to work on other distributions such as Debian or Fedora.


Download the Kit

First, download the files from Github here by clicking "Clone or Download" and then "Download ZIP." Extract the contents.


Obtaining Root Access

Open your file manager as root. For instance, if I was using the Thunar file manager on an xfce-based Linux distribution, I would run "sudo thunar" in my terminal.


Inserting the files

Using the file manager in root mode, copy the contents of each folder you've extracted into its respective location in the filesystem, denoted by the name of the folder. For instance, the contents of the folder "-usr-share-applications", which is the single file "inspirekit.desktop", should be copied into the folder /usr/share/applications/ on your system.