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Inspire Software delivers InspireOS and the InspireKit - software that empowers development for everyone, from students to experienced programmers.

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Computer Science Made Easy

Traditional methods of setting up development workstations and workflows involved incredible amounts of repetitive labor - so much so that in many programming classes, the entire first lesson is devoted to installing the right tools for the job. Workarounds with virtual machines - such as standardized development environments on Vagrant - eat up system resources, disadvantaging the financially underprivileged.

The solution - a standardized desktop operating system, with a modular startup program allowing users to one-click install development toolsets.

Works with InspireCS

InspireCS is a nonprofit initiative seeking to provide a free, accessible, and fair education in the fundamentals of computer science to the disadvantaged and underprivileged in the Greater Houston community. For the initiative to be successful, it must deploy large numbers of low-end hardware for the use of students that would otherwise be unable to afford these tools, and create a standardized learning platform that's easy to set up and get going on for every student, regardless of prior digital experience, or the lack thereof.

The Inspire Software team, led by the founder of InspireCS, develops InspireOS and the InspireKit for the use of the InspireCS project in order to facilitate its success - and, in the spirit of open-source, the products of that initiative are now free to use everywhere.